Kids @ Heart

Our mission is to partner with families to introduce children to Jesus,
and to help them to actively grow in their faith.

We believe in engaging lessons for even the youngest ages through dynamic teaching and hands-on activities.
We believe in equipping leaders to joyfully and prayerfully teach kids.  
We believe in building and sustaining a visually appealing, calming, and safe environment for kids.
We believe in building relationships with kids in which they are free to learn and feel loved by their leaders.
We believe in connecting kids and families with one another to create community both inside and outside of the church.

Volunteer with us:

Kids@Heart's purpose is to have a fun and thriving ministry that captures children and family’s hearts for Christ. We strive to connect to and provide support for children and their families in the following areas:


A coach sets the tone for the class of being a disciple of Jesus through their attitude, service, and care of each
child. Through personal knowledge and lesson plans, they encourage spiritual growth by teaching the Bible.

Assistant Coach

An assistant coach helps to create a positive learning and serving environment for the children and the coach. Through personal knowledge and lesson activities, they will encourage spiritual growth by being an example to the children.


The Check-in assistant welcomes the families into the ministry and helps them in getting their children accounted for in the ministry. They use self and assisted check-in stations, as well as assists in directing families to the correct areas for their children's ages/ grades.


The nursery cares for children 0-3 years of age. They supervise, play, and
tend to the needs of small children.


The security team supplies protection and surveillance for the children and all people attending church services. They function as sheepdogs that stand watch during service to ensure the safest possible environment.
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